Most growing companies want to buy, buy, buy other companies — but sometimes they should rent their M&A team instead

Hungry Hungry Consolidators

If it is red, Tom Brady will win another Super Bowl
Really, thank you Science!

Why aren’t more Americans talking about the risky investments in their daily lives? The signs are everywhere.

SF “tech-exodus” to state tax havens like Florida and Texas is cowardly. Those that have moved were/are not Bay Area community members or if they were, their spine is not strong enough to rebuild our Bay Area communities.

Why won’t ad-tech die? It is because it has nine lives and run by hustling, smart operators who always find the next idea to make money. Let’s hope they don’t defraud marketers this time.

What ad-tech traders, circa 1980s, would have looked like slinging pixels in 2020s

Ryan Klinefelter

West Portal Dad | Creative Corporate Development

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